Kaethe Kollwitz

Berlin 1867-1945

Kaethe Kollwitz is one of the most important artists of the German Classical Modern Movement. Her works include drawings, printmaking, Bronze statues. Kollwitz studiedin Koenigsberg, Berlin, Paris and Florence. 

She was married to medical Doctor Karl Kollwitz, a socialist who practiced in theworking class district of Penzlauer Berg where the Kollwitzes lived. Following her son Peter’s death in 1914 Kaethe became a pacifist, and her subjects involve a strong ethical direction. She won many awards, was the first female member of the Prussian Academy of Art, was made a professor of art and a board member of both the Berlin Secession and the Freie Secession. 

Through her art Kaethe Kollwitz drew attention to the plight of people unable to provide for their own basic needs. 

Kaethe Kollwitz is both one of the most important representatives of the German Classic Modern Movement and a highly talented and individualist female artist. Her work is represented nationally and internationally in the greatest Museums and private collections. A special museum has been dedicated to her work in Berlin.


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