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We buy pieces throughout New Zealand and also stock a small range of antiques of Continental and Asian origin.

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We have a large range of genuine antiques and fine art available to purchase.

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 Aly's Antiques and Fine Art Cambridge. Collectables and 2nd hand store

Alys Antiques and Fine Arts Cambridge sell genuine antiques mainly of English origin.

We sell mainly English and German Antiques. Selected pieces are of Asian or Continental Origin. We sell furniture, pewter, silver and silver plate, glass, ceramics, clocks and watches and much more. A speciality are 17th and 18th Century oak furniture, Georgian drinking glasses and early porcelain.

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Break Front Book Case

Made by Gillows of Lancaster and London (founded in 1730), originally for leather bound books. This could be used as a book case or a wine storage as it is deep enough, has original marble tops on either side, also makes it easy to use for a variety of purposes. There aren't many of these quality pieces available in New Zealand. 

Otto Dix

Dix is one of the most famous artists of the Classical Modern Movement in Germany. His paintings and prints are represented in museums and collections all over the world, and Aly's Antiques are proud to have two numbered lithographs (of 100) of St Christoph, and a museum-quality poster in-store.

Kunst und Leben

These prints were produced in 1929 and 1930. The artists are by now well known and sometimes famous representatives of the German Classic Modern Movement. They were specially commissioned for KUNST UND LEBEN, Fritz Heyder’s well known publication which appeared yearly for about 35 years, starting 1908.

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