Kunst und Leben

These prints were produced in 1929 and 1930. The artists are by now well known and sometimes famous representatives of the German Classic Modern Movement. They were specially commissioned for KUNST UND LEBEN, Fritz Heyder’s well known publication which appeared yearly for about 35 years, starting 1908. The artists produced woodcuts and drawings which were transformed into original zinc etchings. The artists were involved in the printing process and the ‘signing off’ of the print. So these prints are considered “original prints” since the artists produced them specifically for Fritz Heyder to be included into KuL (Kunst und Leben) and because of the process of etching.

Kunst und Leben means “Art und Life”. Heyder wanted good quality modern German Black and White art as part of people’s life. 

He wanted the works to be affordable, which was achieved by the high publication numbers, then as now.Great names included are Kaethe Kollwitz, George Grosz, Max Liebermann, Hans Baluscheck and dozens of others. 

Artists considered it an honour to be included in KuL.By now one hundred years and two world wars have diminished the availability of good examples of these wonderful works. Many of the artists have become extraordinarily famous and sought after. 

However, by comparison to larger and individually signed prints by these artists, the prices are very moderate indeed, low hundreds rather than thousands of dollars.


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