Otto Dix

1891 – 1969

Dix is one of the most famous artists of the Classical Modern Movement in Germany. His paintings and prints are represented in museums and collections all over the world. Dix was a soldier both in in the first and in the second world war. He was famous (some say infamous) for his portrait paintings which had strong elements of social criticism.

Dix was one of the most important painters of social criticism in the time of the Weimar Republic (Germany between 1918-1933, i.e. from after WWI until Hitler came to power).

From 1927 until 1933 Dix was Professor of Art in Dresden and in Berlin. In 1933 Dix was prohibited to work and exhibit by the Nazi Regime who destroyed several of his important oil paintings.

Today his work is so famous that it has become the regular subject of  high-school essays in Germany.


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