Otto Dix "St. Christoph"


Otto Dix

Original Lithograph (printed from 5 stones)


Numbered, stamped

This is No 37 from the special edition (100) of the lithograph Dix created for his anti-war exhibition held in Zuerich, Switzerland in 1938. Dix was at that time in hiding because the Nazis had forbidden him to work and exhibit in Germany and many of his works were being destroyed. Dix’s work was declared “unnatural”

Otto Dix was known for his anti-war views and social criticism. His work is exhibited in the great museums and private collections all over the world.

The image is of St. Christoph, the saint of travellers, carrying the child Jesus to safety. This is to be understood as a metaphor for personal strength and a search for hope during very uncertain and dangerous times.

This work is particularly relevant, as present times, too, are dangerous and uncertain.

Dix’s statement is more political than religious.

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