Dean Wolstenholme - The death of Tom Moody

Etchings & Engravings


Dean Wolstenholme, 1798-1882

“The death of Tom Moody”


Aquatint and Watercolour


Reframed using original frame and conservation materials and UV protecting glass

******  Humorous depiction of Tom Moody’s Funeral.

“Tom Moody “lived and died an honest fellow, but

alas, a very wet one”. writes the contemporary

 Shrewsbury Chronicle, alluding without great

sublety to his fondness for drink.

The story goes that Tom was terrified of being

buried alive, so arranged three hunting calls

sounded over him as he was laid to rest, and if he

did not raise his head they could be sure he was

dead and continue with the funeral.

So his funeral, to the displeasure of the minister, became

a very jolly occasion with his local hunt surrounding his


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